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Pass the mic - let's talk oils with Petra and Lena Wendte

Dear Petra, dear Lena, how did you come to the oils?

Lena: I participated in a yoga day retreat where essential oils were used: via the diffuser and touch during yoga practice. We also received a small introduction to the world of oils. At this introduction, everyone was allowed to choose an oil, which was used during a Ying Yoga class. I chose doTERRA DDR Prime oil blend. At that time I did not know the effect of this fragrance. For the entire hour, I was in a state of trepidation, with tears streaming down my face. It was a roller coaster of emotions for two whole days. Yin Yoga hip openers in combination with this fragrance helped me to solve some of my issues. What I didn't know at the moment: I instinctively chose the oil of transformation. And so my individual transformation journey began, not only in relation to my personal issues, but also my journey to essential oils.

Petra: For me it was a very sad occasion because my mother passed away in 2017. A friend sent me the oils Motivate , Hope and Peace from doTERRA. These oils accompanied me through my grief and promoted a calming effect on me, had a beneficial effect and comforted me. This effect of the oils fascinated me so much that I soon integrated them into my everyday life. Since then they have become my daily companions.

How do you use the oils in your everyday life?

Lena: Phew, where should I start - I not only use the pure oils but also the products from doTERRA that contain the oils. From toothpaste and mouthwash to face cream, shampoo and deodorant. I start my day with a glass of lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon oil, which helps me get my intestines going straight away. After breakfast, I use doTERRA supplements to provide my body with the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements it needs.

I like to apply ON Guard and Balance to the soles of my feet in the morning and evening, it gives me a feeling of relaxation, calm and protection. I also put a drop of Frankinsence in my day care every day. Incidentally, frankincense also has a powerful regenerating effect that you'll quickly notice as you help your skin look brighter and smoother. On stressful days I still like to use Copaiba, this oil gives me calm. I also like to use the oils as perfumes. Last year it was Geranium and this year my favorite is Jasmine.

Otherwise, I like to follow my instincts and feel what my body needs at the moment. If you learn to understand his body language, it tells you what he feels like every day. I also like to observe this with my 6-year-old daughter, who cannot read yet and only chooses her oils based on their smell. Children can be accompanied very well with the oils in every emotional and physical condition.

Petra: I also start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and a drop of lemon. In my shower, depending on my mood, I take either 2 drops of peppermint and wild orange in the shower basin to pick me up. If I'm feeling down, it's Eucalyptus, or On Guard.

As with Lena, putting On Guard and Balance under the soles of my feet has also become my daily morning routine. After the first meal I take LLV = Long life Vitality Pack. This is a doTERRA dietary supplement that contains all the vitamins, trace elements, etc. Since I eat mostly vegetarian food, this combo has worked very well for me. If I have an upset stomach, I use 1 drop of ZenGest under the tongue. This is a digestive blend that I've had great experiences with.

Otherwise, I choose intuitively during the day. Because then it also depends on my mood and my mind. What am I building right now? Do I need more peace and serenity because something is stressing me, or can it be a bit more lightness. In the evenings, when I'm lying in bed, I like to use ylang ylang and neroli to switch off and help me fall asleep.

As you can see, we could go on and on here, but if you would like to know more about using the oils, please follow us on Instagram or arrange a free consultation with us.

IMG_4581 Lena and Petra love the natural solution of essential oils

Cancer patients often suffer from fatigue, nausea or hot flashes. Can the oils help here?

Petra: First of all, every person and every body is individual and unique, so in our opinion there is not one right answer for everyone, but yes, the oils can accompany you on all these topics, support you and your feelings and your body in Bring balance and we are happy to give you a possible way here. But if this isn't right for you, you should seek an individual conversation with a counselor. We are also happy to help you on your individual path.

We have personally had good experiences with the following applications and they have supported us on our way:

- Exhaustion: all citrus oils, peppermint, basil and highly recommended MITO2Max this is a supplement

- Nausea: Ginger, Peppermint, ZenGest, Lavender, Patchouli, Juniper Berry, Fennel - for example, add 2 drops of ginger to a bowl of hot water and inhale.

- Menopause: Clary sage and peppermint have helped me in particular with my hot flashes, and I have also had very good experiences with vetiver and geranium.

- I'm enough: bergamot, lemongrass, basil

- When we're feeling down, we've had good experiences with OnGuard, Frankincense, Tea Tree, and Oregano.

- In the case of bruises, we have had great experiences with a mixture of Geranium, Fennel, Deep Blue and Cypress in the roller.

What should I consider when choosing oils?

There are only a few small things to consider but they are very crucial and that is primarily the quality and purity of the oils you are using. Unfortunately, there are big differences here and not all oils are really beneficial for our health because they are contaminated and often contain synthetic substances and compounds that of course we as laypeople do not recognize.


We therefore chose doTERRA oils because they meet the highest quality standards in terms of purity.

CPTG = Certified Pure tested Grade, this is a new standard developed and implemented by doTERRA.

Harvest the plants in their natural environment
tested purity, free from fillers and harmful impurities
Stringent tests guarantee the authenticity and potency of the oils

If you already have oils at home, then you should really check them critically again for their quality, or if in doubt, consult someone like us if you are unsure about what you have at home and use.

How can I use doTERRA oils?


- in the diffuser

- Place in palms and inhale

What happens in the body:

They affect the whole organism and get directly into the bloodstream via the skin (within about 3 minutes), as well as the respiratory and digestive organs. There they can even penetrate cells due to their fat solubility and provide quick and effective support against any pathogens in the body. When inhaled, the oils reach the limbic system in the brain within 20 seconds via the respiratory tract (where we process all our emotions and store memories) and thus positively support our psyche. But it can also happen that you cannot smell a scent at all, then take a closer look at the oil. What are the themes behind it. The oils are also carriers that want to show you a topic.


- embrocation

- with carrier oil for massage

- please use heavily diluted for babies & children

Here you may notice the word carrier oil: carrier oils are fatty oils such as coconut, almond, jojoba, sesame oil.

Doterra offers the FCO = Fractionated Coconut Oil. This means that the large molecules are removed from the coconut oil, leaving it liquid and odorless. Essential oils don't contain fat, so they don't glide and need a carrier oil that "piggybacks" you without reducing the effectiveness of the essential oil.

Thank you for the exciting insight into the world of essential oils, Petra and Lena!
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And now it's your turn! Have you already gained experience with essential oils? Feel free to share your experience with us. Do you have another question for Petra and Lena? Then post them in the comments or contact Petra and Lena directly at
NOTE: We do not diagnose. A promise of healing cannot be given. The advice, recommendations, products and events we offer do not replace a doctor, naturopath or medication, every client takes full responsibility for themselves.

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